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Writing Short

Writing short means using as many brief forms as you can learn.

You might say, "But there are thousands of excellent court reporters who use few briefs and write most things out."

Yes, this is true. However, the following facts are indisputable:

Speed is a combination of exactly, and only, two things:

  1. How many/few strokes you write
  2. How fast your fingers can move

A reporter who "writes everything out" can SOMEWHAT make up for that with faster fingers than most.

A reporter who has very slow fingers can SOMEWHAT make up for that by using lots of briefs.

But the court reporter who both writes very short AND has fast fingers will be among the best court reporters ever!

It's all in the math. Let's look at that math.

Let us imagine three kinds of court reporters, in terms of how "short" they write:

MEDIUM: 1.2 strokes per word
SHORT: 1.0 strokes per word
VERY SHORT: 0.8 strokes per word

And let us imagine three kinds of reporters, in terms of how fast they can move their fingers:

MEDIUM: 3.5 strokes per second
FAST: 4.0 strokes per second
VERY FAST: 4.5 strokes per second

The following table shows how many WORDS PER MINUTE you would write if you had a certain "strokes per word" combined with a certain "strokes per second":

Strokes Per Word
Strokes per Second   1.2 1.0 0.8
3.5 175 210 263
4.0 200 240 300
4.5 225 270 338

So, we have THREE kinds of reporters in terms of briefs, and THREE kinds of reporters in terms of finger speed, and that gives us NINE different words-per-minute figures as top speeds for that reporter, ranging from 175 to 338!

In 2004, Mark set a Guinness World Record by writing 360wpm for one minute, at 97.23% accuracy. He achieved that by averaging .8 strokes per word and 4.8 strokes per second!

Mark Kislingbury's seminars and products teach YOU how to both write short and move your fingers fast, so that you, too, can achieve speeds of well above 300wpm.

Call 713-837-6595 to order Mark's "magnum opus," his latest-greatest work, his new book called MAGNUM STENO. It will be your #1 tool for becoming the best reporter you can be.

Learn To Write At Guinness Record Speed!

Guinness World Record holder Mark Kislingbury is committed to sharing his record-breaking methods in order to help all court reporters, captioners and students write shorter and faster. Many traditional methods take months of practice and produce only a moderate increase in speed; Mark's methods are different, and they will quickly get you writing faster and shorter.

Mark's techniques are proven to work, and the unique exercises he has developed allow you to easily practice them and achieve your speed writing goals in the minimum amount of time. This doesn't mean that you don't have to practice; no method can be successful without a lot of time and effort spent training your brain and fingers. However, Mark's techniques are different from traditional methods. Instead of just trying to write the same as you always do, just gradually faster, Mark's techniques present a whole new way of both shortening words and training yourself to combine groups of words into groups of single strokes, where you'll start seeing amazing results straight away.

Of course, you won't instantly be perfect, but you'll get a glimpse of a whole new world and immediately see just how much these techniques could benefit you, after you put the time into practicing. Mark's course really works and is much more productive than simply repeating your current writing techniques, hoping to become faster. His course will also help give you motivation to become the best you can be. These techniques made Mark a world-record holder, and he personally guarantees that they'll give great results for you too!

Magnum Steno offers a choice of four ways to learn Mark's techniques and start writing shorter and faster. All Magnum Steno products, developed exclusively by Mark Kislingbury, come with a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee. If for any reason our products fall short of your expectations, just contact Mark and you'll receive a full refund. You really do have nothing to lose!

'Magnum Steno: Write Short, Write Fast!': Mark's Book

Mark's bestselling book isn't just a book, it's really the equivalent of a Master's course in writing short. This book not only reveals all Mark's secrets and techniques he's developed over years of practice that made him a World Record breaker, but they are presented in an easy-to-study format so that anyone can quickly apply them and start writing shorter, and faster.

Mark calls this book his �Magnum Opus� and the wealth of information it contains truly deserves this title. Although this book contains the detail and techniques that professional reporters require, Mark's easy style makes it accessible to anyone, including beginner court reporter students. But anyone at any level of the profession can start using his methods to dramatically improve their writing speed and efficiency.

The book retails for $249, but Magnum Steno's current students and returning customers receive a $50 discount! Like all Mark's products, 'Magnum Steno: Write Short, Write Fast', comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee � you'll definitely become a faster, more efficient writer and reporter if you read this book.

The Magnum Steno Club: Mark's Innovative Video Instruction and Practice Sessions

The Magnum Steno Club provides a way for you to continually practice writing short, through watching the hundreds of videos that Mark has made of his techniques. There are three categories of videos � methods for increasing finger speed, writing briefs (abbreviations) and general instructions � as well as a great bonus video section, including footage of NCRA Convention speed contests.

Just $29.95 per month allows you unlimited access to these ground-breaking videos. The videos are great if you are a visual and aural learner, and you can watch each video as many times as you like as you work on your technique. If you can practice daily with Mark, you can quickly become one of the best reporters or captioners in the country with world-class speed and accuracy.

There is no minimum length of membership in the Magnum Steno Club, and you can cancel at any time without incurring further charges. We are so sure you'll love learning with Mark, that we offer a free week's trial membership, so you can see for yourself the possibilities Mark's methods allow. Simply email Mark at , or call Mark's assistant Jordane at: 713-837-6595, to begin your free trial and discover the great benefits Mark's techniques could give you.

Magnum Steno Seminars: Learn Directly with Mark

Mark regularly offers short writing seminars at a variety of locations around the country. These provide an opportunity for you to learn directly with Mark, in an interactive setting. You can be assured of the quality of Mark's teaching, as each seminar is either NCRA approved or pending approval.

Receive Personal Guidance from Mark via Telephone or Email

Mark is happy to help all his students to become the best reporters they can be, through personal email or telephone consultations, at no additional charge. Let Mark assist you to achieve all your short-writing goals! This extraordinary commitment by Mark shows how he stands behind the quality of his products and teaching methods, and whichever way of learning you choose, you are guaranteed to become a faster, more accurate writer and reporter.

Whichever of Mark's learning methods you choose, you are sure to become a faster, more accurate court reporter or captioner as you learn his amazing techniques. Remember, all Magnum Steno products come with a full, 100% money-back, satisfaction guarantee, and Mark is personally available to support and assist you via email or telephone. These techniques are so good that they propelled Mark to a Guinness World Record in speed writing � don't wait any longer to discover what they could do for you!

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